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The Tecolote Box

The Cenzontle, a bird of many songs

I like to go to the movies, play pool and spend time with my friends and specially with my husband and drink a glass of a good wine.

I am a friendly person, I like to discuss all kinds of issues. I love to contact my family through SKAPE and be able to see them and hear them. I would love to travel but I need to finish my Masters first. I am religious but I am not a fanatic.

I teach Spanish and I really love it. I like to interact with the students and specially students at the College level. I'm always interested in learning and share to other if I can help. I like when students ask questions.

I started my Master thesis this Semester and I love the topic I chose and the research I am doing. I know it will be a long road, but I am enjoying every moment. I love writing and I may not be great one, but the important issue is that I express my feelings and interests. I know that one day I will write a book. The book will be written in Spanish first then I will translate it into English. I write better in my Mother Language.

I like to be happy and smile. I like to say "Good mornig" to my husband, Andrew, and kiss him.